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Sandwiches, wraps, rolls and salads
that really
pop in your chiller!

Retail food to go is an intensely competitive marketplace and we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with high quality products, attractively packaged and reliably supplied. 

Our products provide a colourful display that attracts buyers while making it easy for them to locate their preferred choice.

We have a wide range of over 200 products. You'll find a selection of Raynors sandwiches, wraps, rolls, hot eats and salads to fit any occasion.

And we've got dietary specialities covered with plenty of Halal, gluten-free, Vegan and vegetarian food to choose from. 

Raynors manufacture entirely by hand in an industry-leading, purpose built facility designed to keep every product as safe as possible.

Our site is entirely nut- and sesame-free and our staff are well-trained and motivated to make sure that every care is taken to keep every product we make clean and safe, as well as delicious and satisfying. 

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