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New thinking 

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Innovation is
what drives us on.


We lead the field in creating new, Industry 5.0 technologies that produce real planet-friendly progress.

Offsetting will not be enough to get us where we need to be. Our sustainability technology programs are designed to deliver real carbon savings by improving efficiency, cutting waste and reducing resource use.

Read our sustainability story

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S3: Our mission - to slash emissions

Live carbon footprinting - gamified! 


Most carbon footprints estimated by companies are inherently inaccurate because they are largely based on studies, averages and approximations. S3 spells the end for the guessing game.

Teams from Raynors, Software Imaging and the Universities of Lincoln and Cambridge are already at an advanced stage of building the next generation of carbon accounting systems.


S3 uses live process data gathered second by second, analysed by dedicated AIs and then opened up to the workforce via a gamified interface where they can interact with the system to improve efficiency and try out new ideas, all in real time.

Find out more about the S3 project.

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Digital Sandwich: The 'Golden Thread' from farm to fork

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World-first supply chain traceability 


The Digital Sandwich project, a £4.3m study and project build here at Raynors, pulled 20 global partners including the Universities of of Exeter and Oxford into a consortium to build an AI-enhanced blockchain capable of capturing and using every element of a food supply chain.

Vital process  and product information can be shared up and down the chain without compromising commercial confidentiality and it even carries an in-built transaction system to speed cashflow.


And it provides something completely unique for the consumer - a unique QR code printed on every pack that unlocks every stage of the product's sourcing and manufacture.

Visit the Digital Sandwich website to find out more

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