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Hot eats: When only something hot will hit the spot

Ham & Cheddar Toastie

2243 - Ham and cheese toastie  0425 cutout.png

Tuna Melt Panini

2314 - Tuna melt panini 0438 cutout.png

Bacon Roll

2511 Bacon roll 0428 Cutout.png

Southern Fried Chicken Hot Wrap

8407 - Southern fried chickeen hot wrap 0452 cutout.png

Five Cheese Toastie

2271 Five cheese toastie 0434 cutout.png

Mozarella Pizza Panini

2338 Mozarella pizza panini 0439 cutout.png

Pepperoni Hot Wrap

8402 -Pepperoni hot wrap 0445 cutout.png

Cheese Burger

8613 -Cheeseburger 0426 Cutout.png

Ham and Cheddar Panini

2303 -Ham and cheddar panini 0436 cutout.png

Breakfast Roll

2501 - Breakfast roll 0430 cutout.png

Margherita Pizza
Hot Wrap

8403 - Marghertia pizza hot wrap 0446 cutout.png

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