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Introducing Bread & Board, our premium range 

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Boxed sandwiches

The Perfect Ploughman

Malted bread

Cheddar and Barber’s cheeses, tomato and lettuce with caramelised red onion chutney, apple and radish on thick-cut malted bread 

The perfect ploughman.png

Classic Country Ham & Cheese

White bread

East country ham, cheddar cheese and tomato chutney with lettuce on extra thick-cut white bread

Classic country ham and cheese.png


Oatmeal bread

Sliced breast of chicken, chorizo, extra thick mayonnaise, spinach and slow-roasted tomatade with a dash of basil on oatmeal bread


Free Range Egg & Spinach

Malted bread

Free-range boiled egg and mayonnaise with salad cress, spinach and cracked black pepper on thick-cut malted bread 

Free Range Egg and Spinach .png

Pearl Fisher

Oatmeal bread

Dolphin-friendly tuna with pickled red pepper pearls, red onion, cucumber, celery and a splash of lemon on a bed of rocket in thick-cut oatmeal bread 

Pearl fisher.png
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Spicy Vegan
Bar-marked tortilla

A bar marked tortilla stuffed with chickpea purée, butternut falafel, tangy salsa, speckled lentils, carrot, beetroot, red onion, spicy harissa and fresh mint

Spicy Vegan wrap .png

Tikka-spiced Chicken Khobez
3074B Khobez wrap

Sliced tender chicken breast in a blend of tikka spices with yoghurt and mint dressing, spinach and coriander in a khobez wrap

Tikka-Spiced Chicken Khobez.png

Mighty Caesar
Bar-marked tortilla

Sliced breast of chicken with diced, smoked bacon and Caesar dressing, hand-rolled with lettuce into a bar-marked flour tortilla 

Mighty Caesar wrap.png
B&B shelfstrip.png

Hot Eats

Croque Alpina

Croque Alpina.png
2197B Sourdough bread

Ham, emmental, mozzarella, cream cheese and wholegrain mustard on thick-cut sourdough bread, topped with bechamel, barber’s cheddar and a pinch of paprika


Genoveggie ciabatta.png
2342B Ciabatta bread

Mozzarella and slow-roasted tomatoes with basil pesto mayonnaise in a ciabatta

Croque Forestier

Croque Forestier.png
2198B Sourdough bread

Sliced mushrooms and emmental with cream cheese and mustard on thick-cut sourdough bread, topped with bechamel, barber’s cheddar and a pinch of chives

Chicken Pimientos

Chicken Pimientos.png
2334B Ciabatta bread

Sliced breast of chicken, chorizo and grilled mixed peppers with mayonnaise in a ciabatta

B&B shelfstrip.png

Focaccia rolls

Focaccia Ortolana

Focaccia Ortolana.png

Mozzarella, slow roast tomatoes, olives and mayonnaise in a rosemary focaccia

Focaccia Lombarda

Focaccia Lombarda.png

Emmental cheese, milano salami, tomato, mayonnaise lettuce and slow-roast tomato in a rosemary focaccia

B&B shelfstrip.png

Salad bowls

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar salad .png

Choice slices of chicken breast with creamy Caesar salad on a bed of Cos lettuce.

Mediterranean Mezze Salad

Mezze Salad.png

Beetroot falafels with chickpea and bean salad in a herb and lime salsa

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