Venue Catering Service

Catering suppliers to the tourism and leisure sectors

Raynor Foods venue catering service delivers to some of the best loved tourist destinations in the country. We know that your visitors are increasingly brand savvy. The food you offer is an important part of their visitor experience and a valuable additional revenue stream for you.  We know that families expect healthy eating options to be available.

A commercial range from one supplier

Raynor Foods offer you a commercial range of products, but with the convenience of only having to deal with one supplier. Our extensive range of wholesale sandwiches, wraps, paninis, sushi, salads and snacks is regularly updated. We also supply a number of vegan sandwiches and snacks, halal sandwiches and snacks and gluten free products.

Our minimum order is only 50 units from across our entire range, so you can offer your customers a wide choice of products, without worrying about wastage.

Please give our customer service team a call or email your enquiry to discuss what we can offer your venue.

Raynor Foods Mexican Salad