Free From Ranges

More than just vegetarian sandwiches

We take ‘Free From’ seriously.  We cater for all dietary needs – from gluten free, to vegetarian, vegan, lactose free and halal. Our gluten free production is fully validated. We have won awards for our vegan products. And we have built a bespoke facility to produce our halal products.

Our gluten free production is kept separate from our main production. It takes place ahead of any other production on that day. This makes sure that it can’t be contaminated with gluten. We store the gluten-free bread we use separately to ensure there are no mix-ups.  We clearly label any gluten on all our products.

Raynors has a large range of products available for vegans and vegetarians. Exciting flavours such as Onion Bhaji and Fruity Butternut Falafel offer plenty of variety. This is why we win awards for our vegan products. We will continue to develop new flavours to offer more choice.

For those on a lactose-free diet, we have dairy free options clearly labelled on our menu and allergens clearly labelled on our products.

If you would like more information about our gluten free, vegan or vegetarian options then call us now on 01245 353249. Or email us via our contact form.