Ready to Heat Toasted Sandwiches

Our toasted sandwiches remain a popular choice with our customers. We produce three types of toastie, all delightfully cheesy and ready to eat in three minutes.

The 3 Cheese and Tomato toastie consists of three different cheeses – Barber’s Farm Cheddar, Mature Cheddar and Red Leicester – and uses our own Intense™ tomato. These are tomatoes that have been specially developed to retain their structure and not to leak and turn sandwiches soggy.

We also supply a Two Cheese and Onion with a full flavoured taste. The third in our range – British Ham and Cheddar uses traditional British ingredients.

All of our toasties can be cooked easily in a panini press and are ready to eat within minutes.

Ready to heat toasted sandwiches

If you would like to find out more about our other ready to heat Food to Go products or any of the products we supply, or to find out about our delivery service please call 01245 353249 or send us a mail via our contact form.