More than Sandwiches

We may have started off with sandwiches but we have really moved on since we started back in 1988. We now offer sushi, snack pots, pastas and salads. So, if you have customers who prefer no bread, then we can help you with that!

Our sushi is gluten free and comes in four varieties: Fish, Vegetarian, a Mixed Selection and Large Mixed Pack.

Food to go products delivered directly to your business

We currently offer three snack pots.  Our Breakfast pot is filled with greek style yoghurt, nut-free granola and a delicious fruit compote made by award-winning local suppliers Scarlett & Mustard.  We also have a freshly prepared Fruit Salad pot, and a Carrot & Hummus dipper. So whatever your customers prefer, we have you covered.

Finally we offer salads, including simple pasta salads, generous ‘proper meal salads’ and delicious leafy salad options, including gluten free.  Our pasta pots are ideal for schools, whereas our leafy salads and our proper meal salads are popular with coffee shops, delis, sports centres and hospitals.  Our recipes are created by our in-house chef and keep pace with emerging consumer trends, including worldwide flavours.

If you would like any further information about our extensive range in food to go products, call us now on 01245 353249 or get in touch with us by email via our contact page.