Sandwich & Coffee Shop Supplies

Artisan Sandwiches

Our range of coffee shop supplies include gourmet and artisan sandwiches. These  are ideal for a café or coffee shop. Made with farmhouse breads from our local artisan baker, they are supplied in packaging suitable for a deli environment. We supply sandwiches uncut and without packaging in cater packs for those who prefer to freshly cut and serve on their own premises.

Extensive range

Our gourmet sandwich range includes traditional flavours such as Ultimate Ploughmans in Farmer’s bread and Mighty Ham and Egg in Farmhouse bread. We also have internationally inspired flavours such as our Chicken Tikka Flatbread and Tuscan Style Chicken.

Our core sandwich range provides a variety of sandwich wedges, with a range of flavours suitable for vegetarians and vegans. These sandwiches are all displayed in our colour coded packaging. Our clear and bright sandwich names with front of pack nutritional symbols make it easy and quick for customers to select their sandwiches during the busy lunchtime rush.

Ready to heat products, wraps, paninis, halal sandwiches and snacks and sushi are also available.

Ordering & delivery

Our minimum order is only 50 units. This can be drawn from across our entire range. This means you can have access to a commercial range, but without having to worry about wastage.

Want to be sure your order will be delivered safely and on time? We deliver daily. We only use our own fleet of refrigerated telematically monitored vans, never a third party.