Ingredients & Suppliers

Raynors use local, responsible suppliers wherever we can. This means you can be sure of the traceability and freshness of our ingredients, and, that they have travelled fewer food miles. We make many of our own sandwich fillings and mixes ourselves to secure the standards we need for our products. Where we do use external suppliers, they need to meet our stringent supplier approval criteria.

Local suppliers

It is important to us to use quality, local suppliers.  Our artisan breads are handmade by Danbury Fine Food, an artisan bakery based just 6 miles from us. The ham we use is a British, traditionally cured 100% Gammon Ham, supplied by Wicks Manor Farm, who are an award winning producer based less than 20 miles from us.

  • Local suppliers

  • Free range eggs

  • No GM Foods

  • Responsibly fished tuna

Exclusive ingredients

Raynor Foods pioneered the development of a new variety of lettuce, Verity Grace, that would be perfect for use in sandwiches. Our exclusive variety has large leaves, tiny stalks, and doesn’t go brown or wilt. This variety was naturally cross-bred and is now grown exclusively for Raynor Foods.

Always improving

Raynors were the first sandwich manufacturer in the UK to use the Intense™ tomato. This tomato has been naturally cross-bred with a wild tomato to produce an intense flavour. It has strong cell walls which means it doesn’t leak juice into the bread when it is cut. We use this tomato across all our products.

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The Verity Grace Lettuce
Exclusive to Raynor Foods

Verity Grace Lettuce Exclusive to Raynor Foods

We only use intense tomatoes in our sandwiches

Intense Tomatoes from Raynor Foods

Artisan Rolls and Bread from Danbury Fine Foods

Artisan Rolls and Bread from Danbury Fine Foods

Channel 4 visit Raynor Foods

Channel 4′s Food Unwrapped team came to investigate why our sandwiches don’t go soggy when home-made ones generally do. They tested how much water came out of our Intense™ tomatoes compared to a normal tomato (essentially, none – Intense™ tomatoes just don’t leak).